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“It’s Your Page, Clods!”


Regardless of what you may have been lead to believe by jealous competitors and other lowlifes, we care very much about our customers here at The Mad Store.Com. This page is where you get to say nice things about the excellent service and pleasant experience that you had while shopping at the biggest and best humor magazine website on the entire planet. While it would be really nice if you slipped a little PayPal surprise of, say, twenty bucks into your e-mail when you write these nice things to me, and while knowing that the aforementioned twenty dollar stipend would absolutely guarantee that your Humor Hovel Mumbling will be published here, I will most likely publish any and all Mumblings that reflect positively on The Humor Hovel. Anonymous smack talkers and any e-mail that begins with “You are the worst @#$%ing web builder I have ever seen” will be dealt with accordingly. Here’s what you have to say, and remember: You have made The Mad Store.Com what it is today. We value your patronage!




I have ordered from SG at The Mad Store.Com and was thrilled with my purchase! Thanks again, Scott!” -Donna, Birmingham, AL




“Dear Scott,

I just received my first copy of MORE TRASH FROM MAD #1, and it is the nicest
thing that has happened to me all day!


Please find more copies for me!!! ”


Lee, Palo Alto, CA




Oct. 27, 2000


Dear Scott,


Here is my check for 11.20 to pay for a copy of MAD Magazine # 85, March 1964.

In case you’re curious why I’ve been searching for that issue: I worked in Washington in the 1960s for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturer’s Association. PMA is the Washington lobbying group for the prescription drug industry. Congress was teed off even then over the high price of drugs. PMA was sponsoring magazine ads aimed at explaining the cost of prescriptions, claiming that high research cost was the reason. One ad featured a close-up of a hand holding a single capsule. The headline read “ This capsule cost 2.5 million dollars”. The text went on to explain how that that’s how much it cost to develop a new drug. People were supposed to say “ Oh, ok…now we understand”. Right.


The MAD Magazine you’re sending me parodied that ad. PMA staff people who knew that the price of drugs was (and is) a terrible burden thought MAD was right on. The ad agency, A.W. Ayers & Sons said being satirized was the highest form of recognition and we should feel flattered. As could be predicted, the bigwigs from the drug companies were not amused. They thought MAD was a commie front.


Anyway, now that I’m getting that great ad, I’m hoping that I can find a tear sheet of one of those old PMA ads so I can frame the two side by side.


So thanks for your help!


Sincerely,    James, Bernville, PA



Hi, Scott


I wanted to send you an e-mail to let you know that I received my first order the other day and to thank you for the fast and courteous service I received. This will be the first of many orders to come. Thanks again, and best wishes for the holidays.


Kindest regards,


Matt, Modesto, CA




Thanks, Scott - for your quick and very professional service.
These magazines bring back a lot of great memories for me.
Rich B
Reno, Nevada



Hey Scott,

Thanks again for the great service. I received the MAD issue #118 and it is the dope...pun intended.



Mountain View, CA.




G'day Scott,

Greetings from Down Under. How's the weather? Watched the Super Bowl again this year and still have got absolutely no idea how that game of yours operates. You'd think after all these years I would have at least some idea, but nope. Not a clue.
Anyway, just wanted to let you know you have broken the trans-Atlantic
record for delivery of Mad goods. I sent the IMO on January 15th and
before I could say Roger Kaputnik there was the bounty...14 days from
sending the Money Order to receiving the goodies. Thanks so very much.
The mags are in superb condition, especially that # 98 and the others
are just what I was after too.

So thanks again, Scott and keep up the good work. You can be sure this
Mad Aussie will be dealing with you again.

Kind regards,

Peter B.
Victoria, Australia


Fast efficient service is so hard to find now days and its a pleasure for someone like me to do business with someone like you. By choosing to do business with someone like you I dont have to do business with someone who does not care about his customers as much as someone like you does. If someone needs a reference re: your service they should read this and then they will see that someone like me recommends someone like you above someone else. (clear as mud, or is it Mad?)

Lee B.

Essex, England


Hello Scott,


The Mad magazines and paperbacks arrived today and they are just great. I hope we can do more business in the future.


Tyrone F.

Parkersburg, West Virginia


Hi Scott,
How's things?


Warming up still I hope. Just wanted to let you know I got
the Mads today and I am thrilled with them, especially that beaut little
# 7...what a nice one. Definitely much better than some of the "vg" ones
I've seen on e-bay. Thanks so much.

I'm so happy that I have decided I would like to take that # 11 off your
hands if you still have it. Would you be able to keep it for me for a
week or two as I need to save up for it?

All the best mate,

Peter B.

Victoria, Australia




Got the Mads!!! Thanks a lot, they're in great condition. I'll be perusing your sight again soon, will be buying again!!!


Art B.

Langley, WA



Just wanted to let you know that my friend received the three Mad Magazines I bought from you. I'm getting together with her in a few weeks and can't wait to see them. Thank you so much!

Ann Z.

Bridget F.

Haverstraw, NY



Hi Scott, I just received another shipment of MADs from you today. Once again I can't tell you how pleased I am with everything. I guess with the MADs you sent today that makes about 75 issues I've bought from you. I buy from others but I have to say that you have the best prices and when you grade something it is right on the money. Thanx again.


Lori F.,

Ridge, NY



Hi Scott


I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that the MAD magazines turned up today - THANKS!! They arrived in quite possibly the strongest packaging I've seen (it took me about 10 minutes to get in!) and were in better shape than I expected! There's still plenty on your website that I'm after, so expect more orders in future! I'm not sure how many international orders you get, but I'd happily recommend you to anyone outside of the USA who may feel reluctant to deal with businesses abroad. Please feel free to pass on my email address to anyone who may be unsure about such a transaction (especially potential UK customers) and I'll happily give you a glowing reference!


Feel free to post any or all of this on your site if you'd like to!

Thanks again Scott – Take care!



Near Liverpool, England




Received the MAD today in great shape, Thanks. If you come across 365 lemme know...


David L.

Tampa, FL




Just wanted to thank you for the “Unwanted Foreigners” issue of National Lampoon from April ’76. People in the office here are already rolling with laughter. Thanks for your help.


Danny S.

Cockeysville, MD



The order was received in fine shape and seems to equal or surpass its quality description. Thanks very much for helping me complete my collection.


Jerry B.

Smithsburg, MD





As a 'foreign customer' (what you colonial types call anyone who comes from a country whose beer actually has an alcohol content), I highly recommend ’Honest' Scott Gosar as one who delivers the goods (after they've been paid for, of course). His gradings are FAIR and his prices are Fine to VF.


Drummond G.

Beechboro, Western Australia



Shopping at The Mad Store.Com has been a great experience for me. Being an inmate at a federal pen and serving 6 consecutive life terms means you don’t get out too often.


Dick Hanchette




The Mad Store.Com is indeed MAD as I must be to waste my money there!


Dick Hanchette




Scott begged me to say something nice about The Humor Hovel . After hearing him whine for 6 hours, I gave in. The Mad Store.Com is nice.


Dick Hanchette



Ahoy there Scott,

BLISS has come to me, as I have just opened and examined my order from
The Mad Store.Com (congratulations on the internet upgrade by the way).
I put my faith, hope, trust and a check for OVER $120.00 in themadstore.com and to my delight, my order was fulfilled lightning fast (well, as fast as the U.S. postal service can move). Anyway, I was blown away like a 4th of July fireworks crescendo at the Oakland Coliseum! "Wow, this is Awesome!"

I can't thank you enough for being Honest, Scott. HONESTY is the theme here. With all the wrong doers out there, it's just downright nice to know that there is another "honest person" out there in this MAD, MAD world of ours.
You keep up the good work now ya hear? You should be feeling mighty fine knowing that with every order you fulfill, you're raising a lot of good spirits out there old buddy. You can bet that I will be recommending themadstore.com to many a MADophile.


Mt. View, CA




Hey, Scott!!! Got the MAD specials, and finally got MAD #72.  You got a nice li'l store there, and I hope you do well.  Looks like your customers are growing and growing.  What the heck are you FEEDING them?
By the way, was that really your letter in that MAD 193, or someone that just happened to have the same name as you??  Just wonderin'.

Mike H., aka MAD FanAddict, aka Plebemann@aol.com

Norwich, CT


(That really was my letter in # 193, Mike. I was 10 going on 11, home from school for a week with chicken pox, and I composed the entire letter with clippings from magazines and newspapers like a real kidnapper would do. I guess they didn’t have the space to run it in it’s original form, but the fact that they did print it has given me an inferiority complex that has lasted almost 25 years! [most kids my age were already being published in TIME and THE NATIONAL REVIEW]  -sg)



I received the books; they are great. Thanks for your help.


Anthony P.

Bradenton, FL


I received MAD Special# 32 in the mail on Wednesday. It is in great condition. Thanks a lot, Scott! I’m sure I will buy again from The Mad Store.Com one day (and make you even more rich, you slob)!


Sean M. (aka Natjackm92)


Thanks, Scott.

I enjoy your sick sense of humor (like mine). Will be sending you some ski boot/glove warmers I make. Plug them in overnight, boots/gloves perfect the next morning. I need a little time to make some up but I won’t forget.


Mark S.

Pittsburgh, PA


Hey Scott!!


I got that Hussein Asylum issue just now!!!

You are DA MAN, MAN!!!

Thanks again, Scott. You’re a pleasure to do biz with.

Mike (aka) “MAD FanAddict”

Norwich, CT


Good Evening, Scott!


Just a short note to let you know that the MAD issues came in the mail today, and everything looks fine!  They will fill in some holes in my collection that I hadn't been able to find elsewhere, then I stumbled into your site ("no awards", but still cool).  Thanks for the help, and I'll keep looking in, in case some of the other ones turn up!

Thanks again!


Sincerely yours,


Derek D.

Freeland, MI


Hi Scott,

I received the issue today, and I thank you for the great service. The issue was what I was looking for. I am also looking for another issue with the Horrifying Cliché "BREAKING OUT IN A RASH" I believe this was a drawing with an ugly car breaking through a wall of a prison. Can you find this issue?  I thought the "grudge" & "rash" drawings were in the same issue but was wrong.

Do you know how many times MAD did the feature of "Horrifying Clichés”?


Mark M.

Indianapolis, IN



Got the mags…thanks for the help!


Jim Murray

Brunswick, Maryland




Received my Totally MAD CD set yesterday. Thanks for the

FAST service!


Linda C.

Boardman, OH



Dear Scott,

I have just received the MAD Magazine Game. It is, as you say, complete. My son will be delighted. Many thanks for all your help and good luck in the MAD business.


Sue S.

Cheshire, England



Just wanted to let you know that I got the National Lampoon magazines today---thanks a lot! Its been a pleasure doing business with you!


Larry M.

Issaquah, WA




Hi Scott,


Just wanted to let you know I just got your package in the mail. I am very pleased with the condition of the magazines, especially for the price I paid. Thanks for the quick service. I'll be in touch soon.


Bob M.

Las Vegas, NV




Hi Scott


Returned home from NYC yesterday to find a lovely package of MAD mags waiting for me.


Many thanks and many MAD memories brought flooding back from issues I lost many years ago (especially the Batman issue from '66).


Cheers, until next paycheck.


Angie S.

London, England




Hi Scott,

Thanks for the e-mail about the colour of your wonderful web site!!
We ran a bet at work about how easy it was to read. You lost! Only joking.

I think I must have reached that age where all the type goes weird on a computer screen. 3-D glasses might help! But it really is HARD TO READ!!!!
And it was so hard to read that I had to get a copy of MAD 135 elsewhere. Sorry.

Maybe you should have a place on the site for the older folks (45 and counting!).

I've just bought "Cover to Cover 48 Years, 6 months, & 3 Days of Mad Magazine Covers" book. I'm sure you have it or have read it. What a blast!

Anyway, glad you commented on my reading ability!

As you say, "MADly".

Nick Alderson

Oxford, England




To whom it may concern...


So, last Wednesday, as I awoke to the sound of pouring rain, I got out of bed, and immediately stubbed my toe!  Groaning, I took a shower, and found, to my surprise,

that my kids had used all of the hot water.  Ignoring this unfortunate mishap, I dressed, and left for work.  Didn't you know it, the car broke down!  After walking 15 miles to work (in the rain, uphill - both ways!), I reported to my supervisor, and found to my dismay that my position had been, well, finalized!  Collecting my things, and setting out for the 15-mile walk home (remember - uphill, in the rain), I was struck by lightning.  Hours later, my smoking, charred, and soaked self arrived at the smoldering remains of my home.  Luckily, the dog had escaped the fire, but had run away.  (The neighbor told me this - no lie!).  Hours later, after the fire department left, I sifted through the charred remains of my humble abode, I chanced upon a wet, but still smoking, charcoal encrusted box sitting in the corner of my water-damaged living room.  Tearing through the expert packaging, I exposed the perfect copies of the MAD magazines that I had ordered a week prior.  What a great ending to a perfect day!!!



Scott - the magazines were awesome!!  I'll be in touch! (As soon as my insurance claim goes through, that is!)


Bryan W.


(“bwoolf” from the old 'eBay' days!)


Lititz, PA


Dear Scott,

Just a quick note to let you know that the Cracked magazine arrived yesterday in perfect shape! It looks great and I can't wait to read it.

Beverlee H.

Lockport, IL.



Dear Scott,


Thanks again for the MADs.  As soon as the Red Cross clears me to

give more blood for cash, you'll hear from me again! (Unless the wife finds out, that is!)




Bryan from Lititz



Hi Scott –


I received the magazines today...thank you very much!!!  They are in absolutely wonderful condition and I

couldn't be happier.  I'll be sending another list to you soon!!!


Thanks again,

Jeff Harris

Toronto, Ontario


Two great things happened last week - England beat Argentinia for the first time in 36 years in the (soccer) World Cup, and the MAD books I ordered from you arrived safe & secure. Actually make that three great things, because my wife was out when they arrived, so I didn't get my chops busted for ordering more MAD crap. I just hope that I manage to intercept the bank statement in the morning mail before she see's how much I've spent this time. If you never hear from me again, then assume she found out...!


What, me worry? Yes - you've never seen my wife.



near Liverpool,



Hi, Scott

Just to let you know; I got the National Lampoon magazines last week the 18th of this month. Extremely fast I must say, perhaps faster than any heavy post delivery in Europe! They are beautiful and there are some really hilarious gag-ideas in between. It's a pity we can't get NL here. I'll let you know if I want (or can afford!) more. Thanks for your professionalism!

All the best,

Christopher A.

Donegal, Ireland


Just wanted to let you know my order came in today.
That was quick!! Much sooner than I expected.

The Cracked Mags from 1965-66 were in amazing
condition, as were the early Crazy's I ordered!!
I don't know where you get 'em, but if you keep
finding them, I'll keep buying them.

Thanks again and I'll be ordering from you again real

Forest P. Smythe
, VA



I received the magazine today in the mail, #135 June 1970 and it looks great, better that I expected.  I look forward to searching your sight again in the future.


Thank You,

Rise’ Grossman

Billings, Montana


I received my magazines today.  Thank you.  I hope to do business with you again real soon.

Tom H.
St. Albans, WV


Howdy Scott,

I thought I'd let you have the exclusive first view of an amazing crop
circle I spotted the other day while free-fall parachuting. A print of it is
heading to Amy "The Big Easel" at the magazine, tomorrow. Remember, you saw
it here first.

Caption to go with the picture? "MAD magazine, outstanding in it's field!"

Don't forget to hit the ground running when free-fall parachuting.

Nick Alderson in the UK


(Nick’s pic of the mysterious Alfred E. crop [or is that crap?] circle.

Still think that fresh produce is good for you? Think again.  -sg)



Hi Scott,


Just a quick word to let you know my MAD goodies showed up yesterday, and I was VERY happy with them! Thanks so much!! That issue of DYNAMITE is awesome, what a great Mingo/Alfred cover!


Will definitely be buying more from you soon. Do you happen to have any copies of THE MAD WORLD OF WILLIAM GAINES (soft or hardcover) available? Does this title show up much? I saw a hardcover on eBay a couple of weeks back, but the opening bid was $24.99...


Thanks again....



John Harrison
PO Box 441
Collins Street West

Melbourne, Victoria



Hi Scott!


Just wanted to let you know that the magazines arrived yesterday.

Thank you!  I'm delighted with them (and know my husband will be too).


Merry Christmas Scott!



(New Zealand).




I received the 3 magazines today: (CRAZY #1, CRACKED #177 & #200) They look great!  I will try to get a wish list to you (for the German MADs), after the New Year.

Happy Holidays,

Ken C.

Houston, TX


Dear Scott

Just a word of thanks for dispatching the Spring ’81 MAD winter special so swiftly and efficiently. Actually I could hardly believe it when it came so quickly. So good to be reunited with the MAD map of the USA -- a truly remarkable piece of cartooning.

Thanks again, and be sure, if I had any friends I'd be recommending you to them.

Will Dawbarn

High Wycombe, UK

Hi Scott –

You have made my 12-year-old burgeoning Mad aficionado very happy. Though he deals daily with what he believes are my innate peculiarities, little does he realize that what he’s actually witnessing is the accumulated weirdness of Mad magazine reading since about 1956. He’ll get his! Thanks for sending. We’ll likely order more back issues in the near future.

Jim  W.

Seattle, WA


I received the Olga Korbut / punk rock version of Nat Lamp in the mail promptly as requested. Thanks for the prompt shipping.
It is a bit frightening to see what I found so hysterical so many years ago. My wife read the article, and now looks at me like I’m a roach. Oh well.
I had forgotten that PJ O'Rourke was the editor back then. I still read him in the Atlantic Monthly, and have several of his books in my library. Quite a talent, and still pretty much the voice of his generation.
I'm a former subscriber/disciple of Mad Magazine. When I was a kid in the mid-late 60's my most cherished possession was a Mad Annual, probably around '66-69, with the free "soft" record insert "It's a Gas", replete with Alfred E. Neuman's belches. I suspect that is out there somewhere.... If so, please let me know and at what price.
Thanks again
David K.

Cincinnati, OH




By amazing coincidence, the order for MAD crap I placed soon after Christmas as a late present to myself arrived a couple of days ago (Feb 6) on my birthday! As usual I wasted 15 minutes of my life trying to get into the friggin thing - why don't you skimp on the packaging like other 'cheap' vendors??


Seriously though, now that I've received my third order from you, and we're practically 'buddies' as you Yanks say, maybe you can send me more MAD goodies on my Birthday next year? I predict that by doing so, I'll at least consider buying more MAD crap off you in future!

Thanks again 'mate'. Toodle-pip for now guvnor. Bollocks. Fancy a cup of tea?. Etc Etc......

Simon W.

Near Liverpool,




Hey Scott,
Been meaning to mail for a while now to say how pleased I was with the mad
magazines you sent. I’m very pleased that Mort Drucker is still on the scene
in the later ones.
Ill be back ordering a few more in the future.
Thanks very much
Darren D.

New Brighton, UK




Thanks for the email.  The books arrived yesterday.  I will take them home
tonight and put them on the shelves.  After that, I will get back to you
with a "corrected" want list.  This may not be different from the one I
sent you but I find that actually looking on my bookshelves more reliable
than looking at my list in my office.

Thanks for the GREAT service.

John S, Moscow, ID



I received the '74 MADs in the mail Saturday.  They were all in GREAT
condition, AT LEAST as good as you describe on your site, most are BETTER.
You also provide EXCELLENT shipping packaging, and they survived the trip
COMPLETELY UNHARMED.  Thanks for the great service and I look forward to
doing much more business with you in the near future.

P.S. I hope this RAVING REVIEW knocks a few $$ of my next order :)

Thanks, Robby

Milner, GA.




Dear Scott,


Wow! Fantastic! What can I say? You got the books to me before Xmas and they look smashing! Looking forward to purchasing some more in the New Year. Have a great Xmas and enjoy your holidays!



Manchester, UK




Thanks Scott,
I mean the utter sensation of trying to open that package and trying to bite it is just phenomenal!

Oh yeah, the magazines and books were good too!
Bye (and thanks!)((And many more good sales with me)) (((and with other customers *knocks wood*))),

Zachary "Opsman Gorby" U.

Glenview, IL




Thanks so much for all your help!  For months and
months I have been working on recreating my uncle's
Mad magazine collection, which I used to pour over
when I was a kid and visited my grandparents each
summer.  (The magazines got tossed in a move, as is so
often the case, alas.)  This last batch of Mads
completes the set!  I'm very excited -- I can still
remember lots of the articles/images even though I
haven't seen them in more than 30 years.  I got my
first sense of the irony of American (and global)
politics from Mad; some things never change, no matter
how much time goes by or who is in office! And it's
fascinating to see the John F. Kennedy parodies all
these years later...  Ah, I'm looking forward to some
great reading.  Best to you,              

Elizabeth Chapman
InfoQuest Foundation
160 Cabrini Blvd. #48
New York, New York 10033




Thank you VERY much for sending the 6 issues of MAD; this completes my whole 2006 collection and with my DVD or Totally Mad I now have ALL the issues.  I was VERY surprised at how fast they got to me and I want to let you know that I really appreciate that.  I am not a die hard mad collector so it doesn't matter to me about preserving them but I was very shocked that you also sent the mad mags in slip covers so that I could preserve them if I wanted...I am very MADly happy.


Brad M.

San Antonio, TX


Got the mags today but I just realized I don’t need them because I have the Completely MAD DVD so I’ll be sending them back. Just kidding :-) It’s weird because even though I have every issue on DVD and use it for reference I like to read the actual magazine. Besides, you need magazine for the bathroom!

Let me know if you find any Mad Kids.

Thanks again :-)


Michael Arnold




Christmas has indeed come early this year, after your generous gift of the audio file!


Having listened to this for the last time over 50 years ago, it's amazing that I have recalled most of it correctly, with the exception of forgetting that Al Feldstein was the narrator and not Nick Meglin.  And it is just as funny and clever today as it was in 1958.




I'm curious how you were able to obtain a copy.  My later research speculates that it probably came from the "Mad Grooves" CD of 1996, but long discontinued.


Anyway, thanks again for your kindness and your help with the nostalgia.


I am always reminded that It's crackers to slip a rozzer the dropsy in snide.




Barrett K.


Dear Scott,


Thanks again for your help.  I cannot believe I have two of the issues I
have wanted for years. You are my hero!

Ann G.



Justin was absolutely thrilled with the magazines, guaranteeing another order (in December).  Thanks so much for your help and great customer service.  You made this grandmother really cool for a few happy answering machine moments.  


Take care - and stay out of trouble and in business!


Phyllis Horowitz

Grand Rapids, Michigan


A Legendary Mumbling: October 7th, 2001

       Sgos2@aol.com wrote:

I run a little website called The Mad Store.Com and alfeldstein.com is linked on my Links That Really Do Stink!!! page. I have been reading MAD since 1974 and although I still subscribe, the classic MADs have always been (and still are) my favorites. I was surfing around, and decided to check out your website once again. I can't get enough of your original artwork. It is absolutely amazing! Anyway, I never quite had the courage to just drop you a line and say hello, but I thought I would do so this morning.  Thanks for enriching my childhood and my life with your editorial guidance in producing the MAD Magazine I grew up with.

MADly, Scott Gosar,  The Mad Store.Com

Dear Scott:

Thanks so much for your ego-stroking letter and for your kind words about my nefarious past as Editor of MAD (1955-1984), and its effect upon your childhood and your life.

And thanks also for my Online Gallery's web site inclusion in your “Links That Really Do Stink" listing.

Your letter made my day.

MAD-ly yours, Al Feldstein





…And Another Legendary MAD-MAN stopped by on January 21st, 2002…!


The Mad Store.Com is more than just a website.  It is Washington, Lincoln and Ed Asner.  It is Mount Rushmore, the Alamo, the Golden Gate Bridge and Vick's topless bar and grill in Fresno.  It is Mom, Apple Pie and a wet kiss from your least favorite aunt.  It expands like William Shatner, rivals the indescribable taste of Alpo Lite.

I could live without The MAD Store.Com, but there are some sacrifices a man must refuse to make.  Long may it thrive in all its glory!  And Scott, thanks for the 50 bucks”.


Frank Jacobs


MAD Artist Tom Richmond Decides To

Do Some Serious Slumming

At The MAD Store.Com

February 2003…



I got those 4 full boxes of MAD magazines. Thanks a lot... for not marking them as containing MADs and thereby saving my reputation in the neighborhood. Oh, sure, the boxes had labels identifying them as containing Vodka and cheap Italian wine, and they reeked like garbage... but better my neighbors think I am a stinky wino than I actually spent money on and read old copies of MAD! I'm also looking forward to all the weight I'm going to lose thanks to the constant retching involved with reading issue after issue! Keep up the great scam!


Tom Richmond
Richmond Illustration Inc.




July, 2006:

The Ultra-Mysterious MAD Mumblings forum regular “DD” Wins The MAD Store.Com’s “6th Anniversary 36 Questions Of Neuman-erical Craptitude” Contest And Is Most Appreciative Of His Prize Package:


          “DD” ?




The package has been received, and knocking off 3 of the few remaining holes in my set is much appreciated.  Of course, MAD has long since reprinted the bejeezus out of everything.  But I'm sure the publishing indicia in each issue will be brand new readin' to me!  Now, the most recent MAD I haven't got in any condition dates back to several years before my own birth, back to a time when the clothing in Dave Berg articles was only 3 years out of date.


I'm gonna send you #107 back, though-- for some reason I'm not even sure about, I already have two #107s.  Three would be gluttonous.


Regarding the signed copy-- do you want just an unadorned signature, or a name and a message, or name/message/"To my darling Scott"?  I know people can be particular about their preferences in signed stuff.


That Lampoon is, as you clearly remember, my all-time favorite cover of theirs.  The things people take note of!


 It's a good thing I only mentioned my preferences in Lampoon covers however many months ago, and not my incurable predilection for naked grandma-on-grandma porn.


(As opposed to what, non-naked porn?  Oh well, I've already said too much.)




A signed copy of MAD? For me? How thoughtful. How considerate. How strange, considering that I have absolutely no idea who the hell you are in the first place! That’s some ego you have there, bub. Maybe if you gave me a hint as to your true identity, I would be more open to the thought of having you defile perfectly good issues of MAD with your Sharpie (not that there’s anything wrong with that. What people do behind closed doors is their business). Your Wikipedia page certainly doesn’t bring me any relief in my desperate, bedeviling search for your real name, so if you must send me an autographed MAD, I’ll make sure that I’m not here (but the local bomb squad will be) when it arrives. Psycho.  -sg





From # 193, September ‘77. I was 11 years old

and my name was in MAD Magazine! Talk about an instance of childhood trauma! ECCCCCHHHHH !


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Frankly MAD: The Frank Jacobs Interview

By Scott Gosar

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