Caricature by Jason Seiler


point    Writer: THWAK Magazine 2001-2003
Writer: Weekly World News  2001-2003point2
point      Writer: CRACKED Magazine 2002-2005
Editor:  CRACKED Magazine  2003-2005point2
point      Writer: Jokester Magazine 2006-?
Writer: GAG! Magazine 2007-?   point2

Founder and Crooked Executive Officer:

The Mad Store.Com”



The happy Editor and his quality product—August, 2004


In August 2003, I somehow managed to become the Editor of CRACKED Magazine, the most enduring of the internationally distributed, so-called “MAD copycats” which made its debut in 1958. In early 2005, CRACKED was sold to Teshkeel Media Group, which tried to remake CRACKED in the image of a slick, text and photo-heavy “humor” magazine stuffed full of top-shelf liquor ads, lazy Photoshopping, boring “Numbered Lists,” fan-boy interviews with various established and up-and-coming comedians and very little comic/humorous artwork. This “New CRACKED” bore absolutely no resemblance to its predecessor, looking more like “Maxim” or “Men’s Journal,” with a layout style inspired by those old Scholastic Press kiddie-mag titles “Dynamite” and “Bananas.” “CRACKED 2.0” was aimed primarily at yuppies and yuppies-in training (ie: college students), who apparently ignored it in droves. This final incarnation of CRACKED, whose editors and publishers thought so little of its namesake as to actually re-inaugurate itself with issue # 1, would only last for a mere 3 issues, folding for good in 2006.

In addition to editing the final four issues of the “old CRACKED Magazine,” I also authored or co-authored a number of CRACKED articles during this period. Below are thumbnail scans of my CRACKED and other humor magazine work.  To check out even more of my humor magazine contributions, click here.


Credited Contributor: “The THWAK Bonfire Of Insanity Collection” (2009)

(I’m the guy holding the gas can in the first cover variation!)


“William M. Gaines Look-A-Like Contest”

Writer/Photographer: Scott Gosar

MAD Magazine # 484, December 2007

Credited Contributor:

“Bat Boy Lives: The Weekly World News Guide To Politics, Culture,

Celebrities, Alien Abductions, And The Mutant Freaks That Shape Our World”

By David Perel & The Staff Of Weekly World News © 2005

Staff Writer: GAG! Magazine

# 1 June 2007


“An Outsourcing Christmas”

Writers: Mike Arnold and Scott Gosar

Artist: Mike Arnold

Jokester # 1, 2005



“Kerry” Artist: Kent Gamble, Writer: Scott Gosar

CRACKED # 365, November 2004


Mr. Precious: “The Great Debate”

Artist: Mike Arnold, Writer: Scott Gosar

CRACKED #365, November 2004



Artist: “Rush” Humphrey

Writer: Scott Gosar

CRACKED #365, November 2004


“Prophetical Political Poetics”

Artist: Neal Shapiro

Writer: Scott Gosar

CRACKED #365, November 2004



Writer/Photographer: Scott Gosar

CRACKED #365, November 2004


scan_worst_150                                                  scan_mc2_150 

                                             “Worst In Show”                                     McSlang For Future McDictionaries

Artist: Ben Boling                                                 Artist: Kent Gamble

Writer: Scott Gosar                                               Writer: Scott Gosar

CRACKED # 364, Sept. 2004                               CRACKED # 364, Sept. 2004



“CRACKED Predictions For The 2004-2005 School Year”

Artist: Kevin Tuma     Writer: Scott Gosar    CRACKED # 364, Sept. 2004


“If It Weren’t For…”  Artist: Mike Arnold   Writer: Scott Gosar

CRACKED # 364, Sept. 2004

scan_oma_150                    scan_shut_150

Omarosa” (song parody)                    “CRACKED Baseball SHUT-UPS”

Artist: Mike D’Antuono                        Artist: Noel “Scotch” Anderson

Writer: Scott Gosar                                    Writer: Scott Gosar

CRACKED # 364, Sept. 2004                    CRACKED # 364, Sept. 2004


pinheads1aR   pinheads2aR   pinheads3aR

pinheads4aR    pinheads5aR   pinheads6aR

“Pinheads Of The Caribbean” (A CRACKED Movie Satire)

Artist: Kevin Tuma   Writer: Scott Gosar

CRACKED # 363, July 2004


“ Beatles Tunes For Our Loony Times”

Artist: Kent Gamble   Writer: Scott Gosar

CRACKED # 363, July 2004



“If Jessica Simpson ‘Did’ History”

Artist: Randy Martinez   Writer: Scott Gosar

CRACKED # 363, July 2004




Artist: Noel Anderson   Writer: Scott Gosar

CRACKED # 363,  July 2004


Precious362_3                                            crackedables1_3crackedables2_3

Mr. Precious: “School Daze”                                            “The CRACKEDables

Artist: Todd Casey                                                                 Artist: Ray Morelli

Writer: Scott Gosar (with Dick Kulpa)                              Writers: John Samony and Scott Gosar

CRACKED # 362                                                                   CRACKED # 362

April 2004                                                                               April 2004


                backwash362_3                                       boysmen1_3boysmen2_3

                                             CRACKED Backwash                               “CRACKED Separates MEN From BOYS”

Marten Jallad/Scott Gosar                                        Artist: Kent Gamble

Introductory Bio page                                                Writer: Scott Gosar

CRACKED # 362                                                         CRACKED # 362

April 2004                                                                    April 2004



lastpeople1_3lastpeople2_3                                      coldday1_3coldday2_3

“The Last People On Earth You’d Ever Want To Be”           “ It’ll Be A Cold Day In Hell When…”

Artist: Jason Seiler                                                                  Artist: Ben Boling

Writer: Scott Gosar                                                                  Writer: Scott Gosar

CRACKED # 362                                                                        CRACKED # 362

April 2004                                                                                   April 2004


shutups362_3                                arnold1_3arnold2_3

       “CRACKED SHUT-UPS”                             “10 Reasons Why Arnold Should Be Recalled”

Artist: Noel Anderson                                        Artists: Dick Kulpa and Rob Worst

             Writer: Scott Gosar                                  Writers: Carson Demmans, Scott Gosar, Ev Gabai

CRACKED # 362                                                     CRACKED # 362

April 2004                                                            April 2004


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