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“ The Osbournes vs. Your Parents”

Artists: Dave Newton, Jerry Fuchs, Mike Morse, Marten Jallad,

Kit Lively, Noel “Scotch” Anderson, Ben Boling

Writer: Scott Gosar,  THWAK # 5

thwak_alqaeda3                                        badold3

“The THWAK Book Of Al Qaeda                                                 In The Bad Old Days…”

And Taliban Holiday Carols”                                                         Artist: Kevin Tuma

Artist: Marten Jallad                                                                  Writer: Scott Gosar

                                                          Writer: Scott Gosar                                                            CRACKED # 361, Sept. 2003

                                                               THWAK # 5


“What Is Rock N’ Roll?”

Artist: Jason Seiler

Writer: Scott Gosar

CRACKED # 361, Sept. 2003

cba24                                                anna1_mini

Credited contributor, Comic Book Artist # 24           “Scenes We’ll Never See On The ‘Anna Nicole Show’”

“The Comics Of National Lampoon                                                    Artist: Kevin Karstens

(Click on cover to order)                                                                     Writer: Scott Gosar

                                                                                                          CRACKED #359, Feb. 2003

osama1_mini                                           cracked359_cover

“Where The Hell Is Osama?”                                        Cover: CRACKED # 359, Feb. 2003

Artist: Noel “Scotch” Anderson                          Scott Gosar’s debut issue as a CRACKED writer.

                                                 Writer: Scott Gosar

                                            CRACKED # 359, Feb. 2003

thwak_ailments                                     thwak_lifetime

“ Some THWAK Ailments                                       “Not In This Lifetime…”

We Wish We Could Cure”                                       Artist: Ben Boling

Artist: Garth Jones                                                 Writer: Scott Gosar

Writer: Scott Gosar                                                 THWAK # 4

                                                                             THWAK # 4

scottspage                    monsters_walk_thumb

“Some Rejected Anne-isms                                 “Monsters Walk Among Us”

We’ll Never Hear                                             Artist: Christopher Sanders

On ‘The Weakest Link’”                                          Writer: Scott Gosar

                                                                  Artist: Christopher Sanders                                   THWAK # 3

                                                                       Writer: Scott Gosar

                                                                           THWAK # 2


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